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Life Beyond the Books is a non-profit organization providing experiential life skills learning for middle school students.
Our Mission: To prepare students for life through teaching the life skills needed to run a home and prepare for a career. 
Our Vision: All students are self-sufficient and ready for life.

Founded in 2021

Life Beyond the Books was founded by Trindy LeForge. It is a nonprofit charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3) and is an Arizona State nonprofit corporation. Federal tax ID:  88-4150717.
This program is based on professionals in the community volunteering their time to teach a life skill to 8th grade students. For example, a professional chef teaches cooking, a paramedic firefighter teaches first aid, or a life coach teaches stress management.

The “brave” professionals who believed in this program and participated in the Life Beyond the Books Pilot – May 2021

2022-2023 Impact Report

Life Skills

• Automotive care
• Back to basics (tipping, meal planning)
• Basic budgeting
• Civic duty (jury duty, voting)
• Communication
• Cooking
• Digital citizenry
• First aid
• Fitness and nutrition
• Graphics & presentations
• Hand tool usage (home maintenance)
• How to change a tire
• Safety & crime prevention
• Self confidence
• Stress management

These “take home items” help reinforce the life skill learned in class…and hopefully, the student will teach their siblings or parents what they learned.

Career Professionals

Participating Schools

Amphitheater Public School District
• Coronado K-8
• Cross Middle School
• La Cima Middle School